Snake Island cottage

Snake Island, Lake Simcoe. A cottage I designed and a local contractor built from cedar logs.


The cottage as seen from the front. A porch is visible.

Exterior shown after I enclosed the porch and the area below, added guardrails and a pergola over the deck.


The cottage from the front. The porch and areas under the cottage are exposed, with no walls or screens covering them.

Shown as it was left by the builder.


The cottage as seen from the front, with the area underneath open, showing a storage area.

Storage under the deck open.


A photo of some cedar stairs along the side of the cottage, leading up to the porch. A barbecue is on the porch.

Stair to the front entrance. Before guardrail was installed.


The roof of the porch at noon: light is streaming through the gaps in the wooden strips above.

Impression, deck at noon.


A photo of the porch door, with a snake carved out of the handle that spans the full width of the door.

Porch entrance. Snake motif.


A photo of the bridge on the second floor of the cottage, leading to a front deck.

Interior. View of the bridge leading from the sleeping area to the second floor deck.


A photo of the cottage in the distance, with many marsh plants in the foreground between it and the photographer.

View from the lake.