Pine Ridge Drive bookshelves, storage, and mantelpiece

Bookshelves, storage and mantelpiece, made from reclaimed beech and Douglas fir. Varnished. Design and woodwork by Michael Stanca, stonework by others.


A photo of bookshelves, storage and mantelpiece around a stone fireplace.

The finished bookshelves, storage and mantelpiece


A photo of a fireplace with exposed ducts coming out of the wall above it.

As it was before: a newly installed fireplace and a wall that hides ductwork are the backdrop for future bookshelves, mantelpiece and storage unit.


A close view of the bookshelves built into the wall around the fireplace.

Detail of built-in bookshelves and firewood storage.


A close up view of the shelves on the left side of the fireplace.

Detail of bookshelves and storage. The shelves are adjustable in height.